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Are you a shopkeeper or do you run a fairground attraction? And would you like to add profitable toys, cuddly toys and gadgets to your assortment? At Toi-Toys we offer shopkeepers a wide range of different toys and games and you can find all of the toys online. Whether you are looking for outdoor toys, gadgets, wooden toys, theme-related toys or other similar items, we have them for you.

Toy wholesaler.

Of course, we guarantee the quality of our products. The toys are tested in our own laboratory, which also ensures that they comply with the latest legislation and regulations.

Wide variety of toys.

Thanks to the wide variety of toys we offer online, you can choose from a broad range of toys. This is beneficial both for you and your customers. You have a wide choice and can choose from toy vehicles, animals, handicrafts, games, musical toys/instruments, outdoor toys, wooden toys and many more. This guarantees that you can stock something for any age group. 

A large stock at Toi-Toys.

Thanks to our large storage capacity of more than 60,000 m2, we always have a large stock of products available. So, if the products you purchase fly across the counter, we can always ensure that your shelves remain filled.

Toi-Toys: the number 1 in toys for years.

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