Retail chains

Toys online for retail chains 

Toi-Toys is also the right place to go for retail chains. Not only do we offer a wide assortment of ‘ready-made’ toys online, but we can also supply custom-made products. Our design department will ensure that the product is made entirely to your liking. They will discuss with you what is possible and make adjustments as necessary. This guarantees a unique product and ensures that it will leap out at customers.

Storage of your new, unique, retail chain toy.

Not only can we help you with the creation of a new toy line, but we also offer the option to store your stocks with us. We have more than enough space in our 60,000 m2 warehouse. This means that you don’t have to arrange for storage space yourself. In addition, you can rest assured that your products will be handled with care. We take care of the loading, unloading, stacking, sealing and order picking. Your products will be stored carefully and safely in our warehouse until they are needed.

Directly to your shop!

Do you have a product that is custom-made by us and/or stored with us? In that case, we also offer the option to outsource its distribution to us. Then you don’t have to concern yourself with that aspect either. In addition, you are guaranteed that your product is handled by the same party, from start to finish. This not only ensures a transparent situation, but also transparency when it comes to invoicing!

Quality and quantity.

Not only can we take care of your product, its storage and its distribution; we also offer a guarantee of quality. Products are checked for possible defects in our own laboratory. Thanks to this research, you will always receive well-made products with virtually no defects. This way, we are able to guarantee high quality as well as high quantity.

Toi-Toys: the number 1 in toys for years.

Import & wholesale throughout Europe

From small entrepreneurs to worldwide retail chains

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